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I would be very happy to show you Salzburg´s sites and also its secrets.

When people talk about Salzburg, they don't just talk about the beautiful city and it's impressive baroque churches and palaces or the imposing fortress of Hohensalzburg—never captured by an enemy—but also about the unique landscape in the surrounding area, extending to the Salzkammergut.

Celts, Romans and ancient Bavarians have left their traces here in Salzburg, but most of the buildings stem from the baroque Princearchbishops, who transformed the medival city into the city you see today. The Catholic church and its archbishops ruled the country from the turn of the second millenium, and it would stay that way. But the storm of Napoleon´s soldiers over Europe changed everything, and Salzburg was nearly forgotten as a new part of the Habsburg manarchy. Wrongly, as the painters and poets of the romantic period taught us; they who rediscovered Salzburg.

Today Salzburg is the city of Mozart, the Salzburg Festival and, of course, the Sound of Music. Salzburg is full of ancient national customs and a growing stock of modern art.

If you would like to get to know Salzburg better, I am the guide for you.        I offer guided tours in the city and the surrounding area, and also in the Salzkammergut.

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